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Combat Geometry and Gunfighting Dynamics by Dave Maynard

In this intense full-day course led by former SEAL Team 1 Operator, CIA GRS Operator, and Naval Special Warfare Instructor Dave Maynard, students will engage in drills and skills designed for gunfighting.  

This hands-on course will have students in various exercises designed to imprint combat geometry and nuances related to open and closed environments.  Ultimately, students will participate in force-on-force scenarios with our T4E simulation firearms for a winner takes all firefight and learn about team dynamics.
Includes use of T4E training system & marking cartridges
PPE for T4E training systems
Lunch included
   - please note if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions may want to bring your own lunch
Drinks/Snacks Available throughout
Ammo not included
  - 100 rounds of Handgun ammo

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