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Emergency/Immediate Responder Course

This 2-day high-intensity course will develop a student's ability to prevail in a medical emergency.  Life-Saving techniques will be taught, practiced, and applied to realistic scenarios that encompass the use of role players, stressors, and copious amounts of fake blood.  It is highly recommended students wear disposable clothes and bring additional wardrobe to change into.


Discounted for BAT Students!  
$400  - $50 for BAT Students = $350
All learning and medical equipment included.
Day 1: 
-	hemorrhage control 
-	proper tourniquet selection/placement
-	hemostatic agents, 
-	wound packing, 
-	pressure dressings

Day 2: 
-	airway management
-	thoracic trauma
-	signs and symptoms of shock
-	hypothermia prevention and treatment

The final trauma lane consists of rendering aid to a casualty actor based on course material covered.

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