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Rifle II - Advanced/Alternative Shooting Methods

This course is designed for individuals who are experienced in handling a Rifle or have undergone our Rifle I class.  

We begin this class by briefly going over topics covered in Rifle I and further advance those lessons to cover CA laws/regulations and safety implementations for firearm owners.  Students will learn the characteristics and capabilities of both AR and Bolt-Action Rifles.  They will then implement knowledge of shooting into various stances, positions, and angles that reflect real-world scenarios that precursors our Defensive Rifle/Tactical Firearm classes.  

At the Live Range, Instructors will be beside you at all times at the firing line to ensure safety and provide shot by shot advice.

+ Overview of Rifle 1 Topics (Safety Rules/Rifle Mechanics/Eye Dominance/Grip/Stance/Fundamentals/Range Safety/Commands)
+ Firearm Maintenance
+ CA Laws Regarding Firearm Ownership/Transportation
+ Live Range:
+ Warm-ups
+ Grip Techniques
+ Using "Work-Space"
+ Shooting
   - Bench
   - Standing
   - Prone
   - Sitting
   - Kneeling
+ Weak-Side Shooting
+ Tactical Reloading Vs. Combat Reloading

Length: 5 hours

*If Desired Dates are Not Listed or Request for Private Class Please Call or Email *

In order to continue supporting our customers and instructors, Bay Area Tactical requires 3 days (72 hours) cancellation/rescheduling notice prior to your scheduled arrival date and time. Otherwise we will charge you a cancellation/rescheduling fee of 25%. Anytime within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival date will result in a 50% cancellation/rescheduling fee.
We will provide:
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Snacks and Beverages

Please Bring Valid ID
No open-toes Shoes
Recommended to wear non-loose clothing and cap to help prevent case burns

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